Round up

I am NO GOOD at keeping up with these posts, now that I’m back to teaching full time!

Using Visual Patterns

We explored a bunch of different visual patterns in groups, talking about what we noticed, and trying to extend the pattern. I used their noticings to introduce vocabulary during consolidation. Afterward, I asked students to extend one of the patterns and explain how they got there in their journals. I asked them to graph it […]

Which tee-shirt company?

We started our math block with an Esti-Mystery. I had them write down their estimations in their journal as the clues came up. They loved it so much, they asked to do more (we didn’t have time, so I promised them we would do more another day). I pulled all the students in to a […]

Factors, Divisibility and Measurement

Post-Halloween, we moved from using ratio tables for multiplication and division to looking at rules of divisibility. We did an Open Middle task, where students came up with some really great strategies. Then, I gave them a scenario, where one student claimed that 260 was divisible by 4 and 5, and therefore also divisible by 20. A different student chimed in an said that 148 was divisible by 2 and by 4, and therefore also divisible by 8.

Goings on

‘s been a while, I know. Having a student teacher means I have less time with the students, so I haven’t gotten to do many of the things I want to do. That’s okay, there are trade-offs, for sure!

Our first quiz

We had our first quiz this week, about mental math strategies for addition and subtraction. It was pretty special for all of us, since it was our first attempt at a collaborative quiz. (WHAT!?! I know.)

Rush rush rush!

It’s likely because I have a student teacher, combined with the fact that there are so many interruptions in September and October AND the fact that Grade 7s have to complete FSAs, but I always feel so rushed to get lessons and activities in! After my last post, I had students complete a Biography of […]

Which way?

The morning before my lesson on Monday, I stared at my weekly plan, unsure. Should I keep going with subtraction? Move on to multiplication? Bring back a non-curricular task? So many choices!

Trying to collect others to join my journey

9:15 am rolled around and I had 9 people. Well, 12 stations might be a bit excessive – ha! Luckily, as people gathered around me for the start of the first task, six more people showed up. I love that the numbers worked out to only have groups of three! I picked The Answers Are as a task because I remember experiencing it at a workshop and loved the challenge.

My Favourite Mistake

When two students found the difference between two numbers, rather than finding the sum, I knew I wanted to use it.


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